Precision Contacts offers several types of manual actuators for hand testing and characterization of devices.

Taking into consideration the device type being tested and the contactor or socket design being used, we can help you determine which manual actuator is best suited for your particular application.


All our actuators or hand test lids are specifically designed fr the contactor or socket being used and the device being tested. Holes and passages direct Hot/Cold air to the DUT for opitimum performance.


The Cam-Action hand test lid is a zero-incersion force, clam-shell type lid allowing a device to be inserted into the socket or contactor, close the lid and then actuate the latch on top. This lid is prefectly suited for all package types and available for QFN/DFN, SOT, all SO/Leade device types.

Cam-action hand test lid by Precision Contacts


The Slide-Latch lid is a zero-incersion force lid allowing a device to be inserted into the contactor or socket, close the lid and then slide the top latch forward to provide the downward actuation of the plunger tip. Made specifically for QFN, DFN and SOT type device.

Slide-latch lid

mt clip style

The MT style hand test lids are made exclusively for the Multitest SO Contactors where a “clip” holds the device in the leadbacker which self-aligns onto contacts when closed.

MT style hand test lid


Dual-Latch lid is typically used for device debugging and characterization. Not recommened for hand test or production.

Dual-latch actuators by Precision Contacts

custom solutions

We also design custom actuators for special devices and test applications. Contact us today to request more information about our custom design and manufacturing capabilities.

Custom actuators by Precision Contacts