Specifically designed to deliver kelvin test solutions for your DFN and QFN devices, our leadless test sockets offer unrivaled versatility. The interchangeable socket design allows each component to be replaced individually, providing the ability to test a multitude of devices with one socket.

Leadless test socket
  • Full-kelvin and ground contact for QFN and DFN
  • Replaceable components to add extended life and expandability for lower cost of ownership
  • For device sizes less than 1 mm square to over 12 x 12 mm
  • Precise device-to-contact alignment
  • Custom LGA designs available
  • Available for all handler types

Interchangeable three-component design provides endless options

1. kelvin contact element

Self-contained, one-piece kelvin contact element allows the complete unit to be quickly replaced and ensures accuracy, consistent contact resistance, and longevity of use.

  • Solid kelvin connections provide high current and low resistance.
  • Overdrive pedestal prevents over plunging and protects the contact fingers.
  • Design lends itself to countless contact and ground configurations.
  • Contact tip treatment extends time between cleanings.
Kelvin contact element by Precision Contacts

2. Device insert

Precise device-to-contact alignment is achieved using our uniquely designed device insert. This high-accuracy, wearable component can be quickly replaced to maintain high test yields. Multiple insert and corresponding contact element options expand socket capabilities to test other device sizes.

Uniquely designed device insert for  test socket by Precision Contacts

3. Socket housing

The contact mounting system allows one test socket to be used for a multitude of same-sized QFN, DFN, and LGA devices simply by changing the contact element. Further extend test socket capabilities by switching device inserts to test other size packages. Air channels deliver temperature direct to DUT.

Socket housing  by Precision Contacts