Rasco handlers

Precision Contacts offers a full line of kelvin and non-kelvin contactors and sockets for the following devices and test applications:


QFN kelvin test sockets for Rasco SO1000 handlers. Using a unique three piece design consisting of socket housing, device insert and contact element allows for each item to be individually replaced or exchange elements for countless socket options and flexibility. Endless custom contact posibilities.

  • Kelvin contact solutions for QFN/DFN devices
  • High current, low contact resistance
  • Replaceable device insert and contact element
  • Air Channels deliver consistent temp direct to DUT.
Rasco QFND FNT test socket

So/Leaded devices

Offering RFC and kelvin contacts and contactor designs for all SO/leaded devices.Every contactor and socket is designed to provide maximum performance and life cycles.Precision Contacts is Rasco’s OEM for the RFC contacts worldwide.

  • Integrated into Precision Contacts IC test sockets and contactors
  • Used in customers’ in-house test solutions
  • For all types of leaded devices and automated test handlers


The C ledge RFC contacts are for low- to mid-frequency-range testing of SO/leaded devices.

  • Excellent test yields and overall performance
  • Low and consistent contact resistance
  • Long life cycles
  • Quickly replaceable and available from factory
  • Available for all SO/leaded devices

leaded kelvin

Our SO kelvin contacts provide unparalleled performance, contact resistance, current carrying capabilities, and life cycles.

  • Low and consistent contact resistance throughout the life of the product
  • Extreme high current carrying capabilities
  • Long life cycles with fast replaceablility
  • Available for all SO/leaded devices
Leaded kelvin contacts


Our “SD” SOT kelvin contacts are the ultimate performance kelvin contact, providing precise contact-to-device alignment and is not dependant on the leadform or foot size.

  • Precise contact-to-device
  • Unique kelvin element aligns and prevents overplunge
  • Very long life and extreme duribility
RASCO leaded SOT
Uniquely designed device insert for  test socket by Precision Contacts

custom contacts

Working closely with Rasco, Precision Contacts develops solutions to meet our customers’ unique requirements. Learn more about our custom capabilities.

custom e-pad

Kelvin contacting solutions for custom and ePAD devices providing kelvin contactor test solutions with e-Pad contact for unique devices.

  • Reliable design providing excellent test yields
  • Ease of replacement
  • Work close with Rasco on design functionality
  • Solid modeling capabilities
  • Built-in ePad contacts
Custom e-pad


Hybrid Contactors joining one handler with PC Boards made for an other, bridging the gap between existing hardware to new equipment saving dollars and time.

Hybrid contactors