C ledge and kelvin contacts for multitest handlers

We offer a large selection of Contacts, Contactors, Hand test Lids and Kelvin Products for the Multitest gravity feed handlers. Specifically made for the MT93XX and MT9XX model handers, all products are all drop-in replacement or drop-in compatible to optimize the maximum handlers performance. Read more

C-ledge RFC contacts

We offer a vast sellection of C-Ledge contacts, broken up into different families with the primary focus on the latest G2 Series contacts. Making many of the most commonly used contacts as well as designing unique pitch and pin counts, all molded on site and equal to OEM in performance and quality.

C Ledge RFC contacts

C-ledge contactors

Our MT Contactor housings are made to match the OEM products dimensionally in every way and can intermix contacts, contactors and hand test lids. Made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel or high end engineering plastics, designed to hold C-Ledge or Kelvin contacts for all leaded, two-sided devices.

C Ledge contactors

Kelvin G2KC/G2KS contacts and contactors

Our Leaded-Kelvin contact design for SOIC, TSSOP, QSOP, MSOP and SOT type devices are specially designed for use in the 9308/9320 and 9918/9928 handlers and designed to match existing 2mm, 4mm and existing C ledge contact plunge depths. Designed to work with existing handler set-ups available in 2mm, 4mm and more.

Kelvin G2KC/G2KS contacts and contactors


Our Leadless QFN socket line of products are available for the Multitest handlers.

QFN kelvin test socket

Manual actuators (hand test lids)

Our manual actuators for the Multitest contactors are available in either G2 or Cam-Action style, clam-shell hand test lids. The Cam-Action is a zero insertion force actuator that can be used for all pin counts of a particular package by using dedicated device guides.

MT clip style