custom capabilities


With over 2000 part numbers and 30 years of experience, we have designed and built contacts for just about every product and every handler made.

  • Complete in-house design and fabrication
  • Solid modeling software allows customers to review designs
  • Variety of materials and construction methods available to meet requirements
  • Low NRE costs for materials, molds, and fixtures
  • Onsite EDM and machine shop to streamline processes
  • Etch, EDM, and laser-cut material options

why trust your custom test solutions to precision contacts?

  • We focus on all aspects of design, including material, plating, and conditioning. Our in-house processes and established vendors have produced a long history of successful contact manufacturing and finished products.
  • In-depth knowledge of test handlers ensures compatible and reliable designs. Precision Contacts has worked with all major handler manufacturers.
  • You get a wide choice of custom test socket and contact options. We can manufacture a test socket or contact to answer the needs of virtually every device or test situation.
  • Ordering your custom test socket or contact is easy. All you have to do is supply specifications for the device under test. We will take it from there, from planning and design to implementation and manufacturing.
  • Reliability is designed into every custom socket we make. Count on our robust design and production capabilities to deliver reliable test products that provide high yields— even in the most demanding test environments.
  • Centralized design and manufacturing streamlines development. Our 12,000-square-foot facility houses sections dedicated to engineering and design, material handling, machining, mold production, manufacturing, quality control, and shipping. Having the entire process performed under one roof means faster turnaround on your orders and lower costs.
Custom pieces by Precision Contacts